Through-Wall Flashing Repair & Installation

Through-Wall Flashing Repair & Installation useThrough-wall flashing is used to divert moisture that has entered a cavity wall system or been collected by the existing damp proofing system back out of the wall, typically through a weep system.  When the flashing system becomes damaged, or is improperly installed, the water that collects in the wall cavity migrates to the interior of the building, causing potential issues with mold growth and water damage.  Through-wall flashing problems are commonly misinterpreted as roof or window leaks, though with further investigation, flashing system inadequacies can be identified and assessed.  Everclear Enterprises, Inc. can remove the affected area of masonry directly over the lintel and install a new flashing system, vents and weeps to properly waterproof the cavity wall and provide a watertight condition.