Plaza Deck Waterproofing

Plaza Deck Waterproofing usePlaza decks typically consist of a concrete structural deck, waterproofing membrane, insulation, and pavers or a topping slab system.  Proper drainage is a critical component in successfully directing the flow of water away from a plaza deck.  Additionally, because plaza decks are typically installed directly over occupied space or spaces intolerable to water infiltration, it is critical that the protective waterproofing system is adequate, installed correctly, and functioning properly.  Depending on the construction of the top surface of the deck, there may be surface waterproofing systems, such as joint sealants and expansion joints, in addition to the waterproofing membrane at the lower structural slab.  Everclear Enterprises, Inc. is experienced in identifying issues and making the necessary repairs to any of the waterproofing systems typically found on plaza decks to ensure that they are adequately protecting both the structure as well as the adjacent occupied space from damaging water intrusion.