Fountains / Water Feature Waterproofing

Fountain_Water Feature Waterproofing useCommonly a centerpiece of pedestrian plazas and architectural hardscapes on commercial properties, water features can greatly enhance the aesthetics and atmosphere of the areas in which they are used.  They do, however, present unique challenges that must be effectively managed in order to ensure that these otherwise pleasing property enhancements do not become a detracting feature of the property.  If not properly maintained, a water feature’s aesthetic qualities can quickly diminish.  More significantly, it is important that water features not be allowed to become a source of unwanted water absorption or infiltration.  Not only can these conditions lead to unsightly aesthetics in the form of biological growth or deterioration of the façade (efflorescence, spalling, or bubbling of coatings), but also it can lead to structural deterioration of the water feature itself or adjacent areas of the property or structure.  Because we can assist with both the waterproofing of water features, as well as the maintenance of them, Everclear Enterprises, Inc. is able to choose the right materials to ensure that our clients’ water features function properly and are protected with materials that will not break down from exposure to the chemicals necessary to maintain them in a sanitary manner.