Scratch Removal from Glass

window-8Not very long ago when architectural glass became scratched there was no alternative to replacing the glass.  In recent years, however, equipment and processes have been developed to remove these scratches and, in many cases, restore the glass to like-new condition by gently removing the outermost molecular surface of the glass in the area of the scratch.  Under the right circumstances, removing scratches from architectural glass is far less expensive than replacing the unit.  Everclear Enterprises, Inc. has assisted property managers of commercial office buildings, as well as occupants of restaurants, retail space, and educational institutions with the removal of scratches from isolated units that had become damaged due to vandalism.  Additionally, we have completed large projects for general contractors who were responsible for numerous units that were scratched during construction of large commercial buildings, multi-family, and hospitality facilities, saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process.