Roof Anchorage Systems

Roof Anchorage Systems useThe ability to safely access the exterior façade of structures is fundamental to responsible providers of exterior restoration and maintenance services to commercial real estate facilities.  When access from a ladder or aerial lift is not possible or cost effective, often workers will suspend themselves from the roof on a powered work platform or bosun’s chair in order to perform their work.  In such cases, this access equipment must be connected to permanent structural components of the building that have been certified as being capable of supporting a 5,000 pound load.  Though safety anchors, davit bases, and other types of certified tie-offs are now commonly incorporated into construction of new buildings, many existing buildings must either have structural components tested and certified as being capable of meeting the load requirements, or they must be retrofitted with certified tie-backs that satisfy these requirements.  For over 12 years Everclear Enterprises, Inc. has collaborated with developers, architects, consultants, and engineers, as well as building owners and managers to ensure that the buildings from which we suspend workers are equipped with the necessary safety equipment, not just for the wellbeing of our employees, but for that of anyone who might suspend themselves from the building’s roof.