Garden Roofs

Garden_Green Roofs useHaving become an increasingly common design feature of commercial buildings, garden or green roofs not only improve the functionality of the structure on which they are installed, but also they offer tangible economic and environmental benefits.  Green roof assemblies are designed to promote the growth of plants and vegetation while maintaining a water tight building envelope.  The soil and plants utilized in a vegetative roof help extend the life of the roof by protecting the membrane from UV decay and movement from expansion and contraction.  While many of the waterproofing system components of a garden roof are commonly found in other waterproofing applications, it is critical that they are properly installed and designed to work in conjunction with one another to ensure that the overall building feature is in fact an enhancement and not a problem to be managed.  Everclear Enterprises, Inc. works with its partners in the landscaping industry to assist clients in maintaining and repairing damaged garden roofs while ensuring that their solutions are consistent with the requirements of the associated vegetation.