Fire Stopping

Fire Stopping useWhile a separate industry and trade from restoration and waterproofing, there is often a fire stopping component to restoration and waterproofing projects.  It is important that a contractor understand the effect that providing restoration services to an existing facility can have on existing fire barriers and that provisions for this are incorporated into the repair strategy.  If a restoration project results in any alterations to existing fire barriers, including any new through-penetrations of fire-rated walls, floors, or ceilings, fireproofing patchwork should be incorporated into the overall scope of work provided.  From the installation of fire-rated expansion joints, fire-stop caulking around penetrations or at top of wall joints on fire-rated walls, or the patching or replacement of compromised fire stopping materials on structural steel, walls, ceilings, or floors, Everclear Enterprises, Inc. understands the importance of complying with local, state, and federal regulations when altering fire barriers in existing structures and can assist clients in ensuring that a structure’s fire barrier system is intact at the conclusion of a restoration project.