Soil Stabilization / Void Fill

Soil Stabilization_Void Fill-sizedSoil Stabilization is used to increase the shear strength and bearing capacity of soil. Depending on the existing conditions, the type of soil, the intended and desired use of the adjacent structure, and any contributing factors that may be exacerbating the issue, there are a number of techniques used to stabilize soil. Under certain circumstances, an appropriate repair strategy may be as simple as excavating an area and placing mechanically tamped GAB course into the area. As necessary, Everclear Enterprises, Inc. can introduce cementitious or chemical grout into soil to change its physical characteristics and / or decrease the void ratio of the soil. Whether injecting compaction grout into a specific area to stabilize (compact) the soil in the area or permeation grout to fill voids and fractures over a wider area, we are capable of incorporating the stabilization and strengthening of soil into our repair strategy when restoring structures.