Slab Lifting

Slab Lifting-sized Slab Lifting (Slab Jacking) involves returning a concrete slab that has failed or settled to its original grade. Often the result of poor sub-grade soil compaction, erosion, or biodegradable materials in the adjacent soil, settled concrete can create a number of risks: potential trip hazards for pedestrians, potential damage to equipment used in industrial environments as well as safety concerns for those operating the equipment, and potentially costly damage to structures built on top of the unstable concrete. If left unaddressed, pedestrian and vehicular traffic, as well as environmental conditions exacerbate the problem over time, increasing the associated liability. In many cases, after determining the underlying cause of the settled concrete, by utilizing an expandable urethane resin to lift the concrete slab back into place, Everclear Enterprises, Inc. is able to provide our clients with a solution that is both very cost effective and aesthetically pleasing as compared to removal and replacement of concrete. Additionally, this process is typically far less intrusive and time consuming than concrete replacement, allowing the affected area to be returned to normal use almost immediately after the repair is completed.