Masonry / Stone Veneer Stabilization

Masonry_Stone Veneer Stabilization use

Structures are often designed with a brick or stone veneer attached to a structural wall.  In circumstances such as these, there is typically a void between the structural wall and the veneer wall.  Over time, as the structure is exposed to water penetration, seismic movement, and the resulting deterioration of the original construction materials, it may be necessary to replace and/or re-attach all of, or a portion of, the veneer.  Depending on the type of construction materials used in the structural wall, various types of replacement ties are available to add wall stiffness and re-anchor the stone or masonry façade to the structural wall behind it.   In addition to providing full replacement of significantly deteriorated portions of brick or stone veneers, Everclear Enterprises, Inc. utilizes helical anchors, mechanical anchors, and mechanical stone anchors to provide façade stabilization.