Epoxy Injection

Epoxy Injection use

Pressure injection of low-viscosity epoxy resin is a highly effective method for resolving a wide variety of structural issues in concrete.  Everclear Enterprises, Inc. uses this procedure to bond fractured concrete on both horizontal and vertical planes by injecting epoxy resins or gels directly into the crack under constant, low pressure.  Unlike caulking and sealing, epoxy injection provides a permanent repair by returning the concrete to its original monolithic structural integrity.  Using a low-pressure injection procedure specifically designed to insert bonding resin without overstressing weakened areas, epoxy injection is effective in addressing structural cracks in beams, columns, walls, foundations, elevated slabs and platforms; seismic damage; slab and overlay delamination, as well as protecting reinforcing steel and pre-stress tendons from corrosion by encapsulating them against moisture.