Concrete Replacement / Decorative Finishes

Concrete Replacement_Decorative Finishes use

While often partial-depth patching of concrete is a very effective and cost effective approach to repairing damage, there are times when it proves to be an impractical repair strategy.  In cases of an unexpected change in grade due to significant settling or when concrete is badly deteriorated, it may be more practical, as well as aesthetically pleasing, to simply remove the damaged concrete and pour new concrete in its place.  There are also circumstances in which concrete in otherwise good condition must be removed in order to gain access to a waterproofing system or structural component behind or under it.   Whether as a result of one of these circumstances, or simply because a client would like to replace a paver system with concrete, Everclear Enterprises, Inc. is experienced in pouring all types of concrete – from lightweight to high-performance – at the thickness or depth required for each project.  Additionally, we can include colored dye in the mix, apply a stain to the surface after the pour, and even provide a stamped design at the time of the pour.