Preservation & Maintenance

Routine maintenance of architectural components of commercial structures is critical to a management strategy focused on preserving value.  Everclear Enterprises, Inc. assists our clients with the maintenance of glass, metal, and stone to ensure that their assets always look their best and project a clean and inviting image.  If properly maintained at regular intervals, under most circumstances commercial structures can endure many years of normal use between more comprehensive restoration projects, reducing the frequency of both large capital expenditures as well as disruptions to the daily operations of the structure.

Caulking & Joint Sealant Replacement useCaulking & Joint Sealants

Sealants are the most widely used waterproofing material.  Most structures rely heavily on joint sealants for protection from water intrusion and the negative impact moisture can have on structural elements.  In cases where there is failure of the existing material due to age, improper installation, inadequate movement capabilities, or poor joint design, removal of the existing sealant is required.  Everclear Enterprises, Inc. understands the importance of selecting the correct material for each particular condition and application.  We take into consideration not only the environmental conditions and anticipated movement associated with the location in which the sealant is being installed, but also the chemistry and properties of the material we are going to install, so as to ensure that we provide an appropriate solution to our client.

Exterior Facade_Plaza_Parking Structure Cleaning useExterior Façade / Plaza / Parking Structure Cleaning

If not properly maintained at regular intervals, biological growth, stubborn environmental stains, food stains, grease, oil, dirt, and grime all contribute towards an overall decline in the appearance of the architectural components of commercial structures.  Preventing a substantial decline in the appearance of commercial structures is an important aspect of successful management of these assets.  Ensuring that a structure remains in a condition that is both safe and inviting to visitors and occupants is a contributing factor to its overall value.  Everclear Enterprises, Inc. is experienced in safely and responsibly maintaining all types of vertical and horizontal surfaces commonly found on building facades, pedestrian plazas, and parking structures.  We routinely assist our clients in making sure their assets always look their best.

Glass Restoration_Deposit Removal useGlass Restoration / Deposit Removal

Glass Restoration is the process of restoring glass to its original pristine appearance by removing stains, corrosion, or etching that cannot be removed with routine window cleaning.  Because glass is such a porous substance, it is extremely susceptible to mineral deposits.  If deposits are allowed to remain on glass, they will eventually form a chemical bond with the glass, requiring the removal of its top layer in order to restore the glass to an acceptable condition.  Everclear Enterprises, Inc. assists our clients in accurately assessing the extent of the damage to their glass, the cause of the damage, and the most efficient, safe, and cost-effective approach to repairing the damage and preventing its reoccurrence.  We are a recognized leader in the southeast region of the United States in providing glass restoration services and solutions on commercial real estate assets.

Graffiti before and after combo-01Graffiti Removal & Prevention

Simply put, graffiti is vandalism.  Not only does it promote a message of apathy and decay, but more importantly, it is aesthetically unpleasing and creates a perception of neglect, which in turn negatively impacts property value.  Once a property has been tagged, it has been our experience that quickly addressing the damage and removing the graffiti tends to discourage vandals from returning to the area and repeating the process.  Everclear Enterprises, Inc. can assist in removing unsightly graffiti using a combination of chemicals and equipment that will not damage the underlying or adjacent surfaces.  Additionally, we are very experienced at applying the latest in clear anti-graffiti coatings and surface film to protect our clients’ assets from potential future vandalism.

Pressure Washing Services usePressure Washing Services

Performed properly by trained personnel, pressure washing can be a very effective approach to maintaining the aesthetics of many of the vertical and horizontal surfaces found in commercial real estate.  In the hands of an inexperienced worker, however, pressure washing equipment and chemicals can be very dangerous and cause very expensive damage to your property within a matter of seconds.  Further, improperly disposing of certain types of contaminants and harsh chemicals can also result in stiff fines levied by the EPA.  Everclear Enterprises, Inc. brings the very latest in commercial-grade equipment, technical knowledge, and safety to every project.  Our trained professionals understand which chemicals will work best on a particular type of stain without damaging the surface they are cleaning or the immediate surroundings. They understand when to use hot water and when to use low pressure rather than high.

Window Cleaning Services squareWindow Cleaning Services

Having a building’s windows professionally cleaned at regular intervals not only promotes a more inviting and aesthetically pleasing image to occupants and visitors to the building, but is also an important part of protecting the investment in the asset.  Neglecting architectural glass for extended periods of time allows environmental pollutants as well as chemicals from adjacent building materials to deposit on the surface of the glass. These contaminants, if allowed to remain on the windows, will eventually chemically bond with the glass causing extensive damage that is both labor-intensive and expensive to repair.  By delivering consistent, high-quality results with an emphasis on customer service and safety, Everclear Enterprises, Inc. has earned the trust of clients responsible for managing many of the most prestigious commercial real estate assets in the southeast.

Window Frame_Mullion Cleaning & Protection useWindow Frame / Mullion Cleaning, Coating & Protection

Because they are often overlooked as an architectural building component that requires regular maintenance, window frames and mullions on commercial buildings, due to constant exposure to the elements and environmental pollutants as well as chemicals leaching from adjacent building materials, tend to lose their luster over time.  Depending on their surface finish, it is common to encounter degradation such as oxidation and fading, chalking, or chipping of paint on aluminum frames and mullions on commercial buildings.  Not only does Everclear Enterprises, Inc. assist our clients in maintaining the aesthetics of the assets they manage by providing routine maintenance of the window frame and mullion system, but in most cases we can also restore frames and mullions to their original condition and apply a protective coating to prevent oxidation or other degradation from occurring in the future.