Everclear Project Overviews

Plaza Deck Restoration

With much of the plaza surrounding the building situated directly over the parking structure, a significant amount of water

Balcony Waterproofing

The 14th floor balconies of this commercial building were allowing water to enter the occupied space on the 13th and 12th floors

Curtain Wall Waterproofing

The sealant in all of the perimeter joints throughout this building’s curtain wall system was well beyond its service life.

Roof Coating System

The building’s concrete roof was in severe disrepair, with systematic failure of the sealant in many of the joints, failed flashing

Parking Deck Restoration

The parking deck had a number of deficiencies resulting from deferred maintenance. The failing expansion joint

Building Façade Restoration

The weep system in this 31-story office building had been routing excess water in the same pattern for years resulting in

Scratch Removal

Many of the windows on this prestigious high-rise hotel / condominium tower in Atlanta’s midtown were badly damaged

Parking Structure Restoration

Deferred maintenance of this 6-level parking structure resulted in numerous issues including the settlement of the

Parking Structure Restoration

The structural slab over a three-level parking structure had a number of cracks resulting in the delamination and spalling of

Parking Structure Restoration

A vehicle exceeding the weight capacity of the parking deck punctured the upper level structural slab. The resulting hole

Graffiti Removal

Many of the walls, columns, and fences at this college in metro Atlanta had been vandalized through widespread tagging with

Bird Abatement

This hotel had a significant problem with pest birds that were using the signs, canopies, overhangs, and ledges

Window Film Installation

In this casino there are a number of gaming tables and slot machines situated directly in front of large banks of floor-to-ceiling