Surface Parking Lot Sinkhole Repair

This single story property in midtown Atlanta has a large asphalt surface parking lot that experiences particularly heavy vehicular traffic, much of it in the form of large trucks and buses. A sinkhole appeared in the area that was directly in the path of the bus traffic, resulting in potentially unsafe conditions for vehicular traffic, particularly heavy buses carrying students. Working with an engineer, Everclear excavated an area to determine the extent of the issue. Once it was determined that the sinkhole was the result of poor soil compaction and erosion combined with debris contamination, rather than an extensive void or abandoned manhole, we excavated a 225 square foot area to a depth of approximately twelve feet utilizing a backhoe. Comfortable that we had reached sufficiently compacted soil, we filled the hole using the GAB course specified in the engineer’s report, mechanically tamping every 12” with moisture so as to achieve the required soil density. After we patched the area with asphalt, the surface lot was ready to be reopened for normal use.

Services: Soil Stabilization / Void Fill

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