Vehicular Barrier Cable Repair & Replacement

The vehicular barrier cables at this parking structure in Decatur were in a state of disrepair due to neglect and deferred maintenance.  As a result, the tension on the cable barrier system was inadequate and did not meet code.  Both the cables and the termination pockets were badly corroded.  This condition was compounded when a vehicle struck and damaged one of the termination columns supporting the cable system.  Everclear’s solution was to expose the termination pockets and remove the existing barrier cables.  Once the cables had been removed, we repaired the damaged supporting concrete column with high strength concrete.  We installed new barrier cables, tensioned them to code, and patched the termination pockets.  Finally, we applied sealant and a water repellent to the concrete columns to protect them from future water intrusion that could prematurely damage the cable system.  In a separate incident at the same parking structure, a driver knocked down a concrete knee wall constructed to divide two separate parking areas.  Everclear performed selective demolition in the area in order to safely remove the damaged wall.  We then installed steel re-bar reinforcing and poured a new knee wall.  This work was done during off hours so as not to endanger vehicles and pedestrians using the deck.

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