Parking Structure Restoration

The structural slab over the three-level parking structure directly below the pedestrian plaza shared by two commercial office buildings had a number of cracks that were allowing water from above to enter the parking deck. Over time this resulted in the delamination and spalling of concrete over pedestrians and vehicles using the parking structure and produced significant efflorescence that was dripping onto vehicles. Everclear’s solution involved removing any loose, delaminated, or spalled concrete, installing injection ports in and around the cracks in the upper structural slab, and injecting an expanding polyurethane resin into the ports. After the cracks in the affected area had been addressed, the ports were removed, and a cementitious patch material was installed where the ports had been placed. After applying a rust-prohibitive coating to any exposed rebar, we also patched all of the areas where the delaminated or spalled overhead concrete had been removed.

Services: Concrete / Crack Repair & SealingChemical Grout / Polyurethane Injection, Parking Structure Rehabilitation, Spall Repair / Patching

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