Parking Structure Restoration / Bearing Pad Replacement

This 440,000 square foot 5-level parking structure consists of precast pre-stressed double-tee beams supported by inverted tee girders and concrete columns.  In several areas underneath the upper level of the parking structure the double-tee stems were damaged due to displaced or missing bearing pads.  In many of these areas the concrete in the double-tee was coming in direct contact with the concrete shelf or steel corbel.  Over time, vibration and movement of the parking structure had resulted in the spalling of the tee stems in these areas with the displaced bearing pads.  Additionally, several of these double-tee stems were showing signs of stress.  Working in conjunction with an engineer, Everclear used shoring and lifting equipment to raise the damaged double-tee members identified in the engineer’s report.  After each member was lifted, any spalled concrete was removed, and the damaged stem was repaired with cementitious patch material to restore the stem to its original dimensions.  Those stems showing significant signs of structural stress were reinforced with a steel saddle attached with anchors embedded in the stem using epoxy.  At 18 separate locations, the displaced or missing bearing pads were replaced with capralon bearing pads with a Teflon wear pad affixed to one side.  As necessary, the areas were shimmed with primed steel plates that were tack welded together and bonded to the concrete shelf with epoxy.  After completing the repairs at each location, the stem was partially lowered to allow proper mating of the surfaces, but with the majority of the load remaining on the shoring and lifting equipment.  Once the epoxy was given time to cure, the double-tee stem was fully lowered into final position.

Services:  Concrete / Crack Repair & SealingParking Structure RehabilitationSpall Repair / Patching