Parking Structure Restoration

A vehicle exceeding the weight capacity of the parking deck had punctured the upper level structural slab.  The resulting hole created both an unsafe fall hazard for pedestrians and vehicles, as well as a direct pathway for water to enter the lower levels of the parking structure.  Working in conjunction with an engineering firm, Everclear employed a two-phase repair strategy to restore the parking structure to its previous condition.  During the first phase, we removed an additional portion of concrete immediately adjacent to the damaged area on the upper level of the parking structure so that the patch area would be squared off and fully extend to support beams underneath.  Following that preparation we installed rebar dowels into the existing concrete to create a cage, formed the repair area from the underside of the hole and then installed high-strength concrete.  Once this new concrete had fully cured, we were able to begin the second phase of the repairs on the underside of the top level of the parking structure.  This phase involved epoxy injection and carbon fiber strengthening of the adjacent support beams.  After drilling pilot holes for the braided carbon fiber anchors, we used epoxy to inject locations where the double-tee stems in the damaged area were cracked.  After installing the anchor rods in the pilot holes, we wrapped the affected tee-stems with carbon fiber embedded in epoxy, applying pressure to ensure that the carbon fiber was fully saturated with epoxy.  Once our material was fully set up, we sprayed fire safing material over the repair area for further protection.  After removing our barricades, the parking structure was reopened for normal use.

Services:  Carbon Fiber Strengthening, Concrete / Crack Repair & SealingConcrete Replacement / Decorative FinishesEpoxy InjectionFire StoppingParking Structure RehabilitationSpall Repair / Patching

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