Vehicular Traffic / Parking Deck Coating

This parking deck had severe wear on the existing deck coating, which was well beyond its effective service life.  In many areas, the coating was completely gone and the structural concrete had started to deteriorate.  Water was leaking through to the underside of the deck.  Through shot blasting, Everclear removed the existing urethane deck coating system down to the structural concrete.  Once the coating was removed, all cracks on the deck were routed out and caulked with a two-part polyurethane sealant.  Miscellaneous concrete repairs and patches were completed at this time as well.  All parking stops were caulked with a two-part polyurethane sealant.  We the installed a new polyurethane deck coating system in three layers:  after installation, the base coat was allowed to cure 24 hours.  The intermediate coat (sand course) was applied and immediately covered with sand to refusal and allowed to cure 24 hours.  After the curing process was complete, the excess sand was blown off and a top coat was applied and allowed to cure for 72 hours prior to any vehicles driving on the deck.  We then striped the entire deck, including all parking space lines, handicap logos, directional arrows etc.

Services:  Parking Structure Rehabilitation, Caulking & Joint SealantSpall Repair / PatchingVehicular & Pedestrian Traffic CoatingsSealcoating & Striping