Glass & Building Façade Restoration

This building’s precast panels were absorbing water and leaching silicate particles onto the glass, frames and mullions of the window system. Additionally, the sealant in the vertical control joints showed signs of adhesive and cohesive failure. Everclear’s solution included: the removal of mineral deposits from windows, frames, and mullions, cleaning of the building, the application of a water repellent to the vertical substrate, the application of a protective coating on the windows and frames, and the removal and replacement of sealant in the vertical control joints.

Services: Caulking & Joint SealantsExterior Façade / Plaza / Parking Structure CleaningGlass Restoration / Deposit RemovalWater RepellentsWindow Frame / Mullion Cleaning & Protection

Action Shot Applying FilmAction Shot Lift & StageAction Shot On StagesGlass Restoration Before-After

Pressure Washing from Stage