Parking Structure Restoration

Deferred maintenance of this 6-level parking structure resulted in numerous issues including the settlement of the on-grade slab, which in turn created a trip hazard and allowed water to run down the inside of the retaining wall on the lower levels.  The top exposed level suffered from failed sealant in the joints and cracks in the horizontal top slab and columns.  Also the roofs of elevator and stair enclosures did not drain properly.   Everclear’s solution included: the removal of the settled concrete and installation of new high-strength concrete, installation of new trip wires for the electronic gates, replacement of expansion joints, and the routing and sealing of cracks in the slab.  We also injected epoxy resin and wrapped the vehicular barrier cable support columns with metal plates, followed by the application of an elastomeric coating.  On the roofs of the elevator and stairwell enclosures we installed crickets, new drains, scuppers, and downspouts were installed, followed by the installation of a silicone roof coating.

Services: Concrete / Crack Repair & SealingConcrete Replacement / Decorative FinishElastomeric CoatingsEpoxy InjectionVehicular Barrier Cable System Repairs

Concrete Before WorkConcrete Installation2

1015 Lenox Park Concrete Pour1015 Lenox Park Concrete Demo

Concrete-After-Work-correctAfter Epoxy InjectionBefore Epoxy InjectionExpansion Joint Installation


Roof Coating InstallationDSCN5850DSCN5862DSCN5448