Glass & Building Façade / Plaza Hardscape Restoration

There were two separate issues that this client wanted to address with regard to the appearance of this 7-story office building in Atlanta. Over time silicate particles from the building’s precast panels had leached onto the exterior windows causing them to become stained to the point that routine window cleaning methods no longer produced satisfactory results. Additionally, the main plaza entrance to the building was in need of a facelift. The waterproofing in the planters had become compromised and caused the coating on the exterior to delaminate. Many of the horizontal granite pavers were broken or missing and the surrounding grout was missing in many areas. Everclear’s two-phased approach first involved removing the stains from the exterior windows, frames, and mullions, as well as the vertical building substrate. After these areas had been restored, we applied a water repellent to the vertical substrate and installed a protective coating on both the window frames and mullions. The second phase of the project involved the removal of the exterior coating from the planters. Because the client did not want to incur the expense of removing the plants and dirt and addressing the compromised waterproofing from the inside, we installed a cementitious coating to the exterior of the planters, after which we installed an acrylic coating. Next, we replaced all broken or missing horizontal granite pavers and grout throughout the plaza. Finally, we cleaned and stained all of the horizontal concrete throughout the plaza.

Services: Glass Restoration / Deposit Removal, Window Frame / Mullion Cleaning & Protection, Exterior Façade / Plaza / Parking Structure Cleaning, Water Repellents, Cementitious Coatings, Plaza Deck / Paver Repair & Replacement, Caulking & Joint Sealant Replacement, Exterior Metal & Stone Maintenance / Protection

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