Building Façade Restoration

The weep system in this 31-story office building had been routing excess water in the same pattern for years resulting in significant damage to the building’s precast panels.  Everclear’s solution included using a combination of suspended scaffolds and rope descent systems to access the work area, physically removing the top layer of concrete on the affected panels utilizing a mild restoration cleaner and acid brushes to create a more consistent surface, patching concrete spalls on precast panels, cleaning the vertical substrate to remove residual chemicals, and applying a water repellent to protect precast panels from future damage.  Finally, the architectural glass on the building was cleaned to remove any excess debris resulting from the project.

Services: Concrete / Crack Repair & SealingExterior Façade / Plaza / Parking Structure CleaningHigh-Access ServicesSpall Repair / PatchingWater RepellentsWindow Cleaning Services

Action Shot RDS copyAction Shot StageAction Shot RDS 2 copyFront Elevation - BeforeSide by Side Drops - Before & After 4