Building Façade Restoration / Sealant Replacement

The sealant on this 150,000 square foot six-story commercial office building was reaching the end of its effective life, and was scheduled to be replaced.  Additionally, there were several areas where the concrete parapet wall was damaged and portions of the concrete had spalled and fallen off the building.  Utilizing a combination of suspended scaffolds, aerial lifts, and ladders, Everclear accessed the entire façade of the building, removing the existing sealant and replacing it with silicone sealant in all of the precast-to-precast, precast-to-metal, and metal-to-glass joint conditions.  We also repaired the areas on the parapet wall with spalled concrete using a cementitious patch material.

Services:  Caulking & Joint SealantsSpall Repair / PatchingWet Glazing

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