Masonry Waterproofing & Repairs

Water was appearing at the top of the window system on the interior throughout the top floor of occupied space on this commercial office building.  Using an aerial lift to gain access to the upper portions of the façade, Everclear removed a row of soldier bricks immediately above the window system to expose inadequate and faulty protection from water intrusion behind the brick veneer.  Everclear’s solution was to continue to remove the masonry units over the windows on all of the perimeter upper floor windows, stabilizing the upper masonry as we went.  After removing the faulty flashing, we properly prepped the adjacent lintel and masonry units and installed adequate through-wall flashing.  After the underlying issue had been addressed, we reinstalled the masonry units that had been removed and repointed the joints with fresh mortar.

Services: Brick / Block Removal & Replacement Repointing / TuckpointingThrough-Wall Flashing Repair & InstallationWater Intrusion Testing & Investigation

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