Bird Abatement

This hotel had a significant problem with pest birds that were using the signs, canopies, overhangs, and ledges throughout the property as locations to perch during the day.  Even more problematic was the fact that they had established the upper ledges at the roof level as permanent nesting areas.   This produced an annoying and unsanitary condition for the facility and its visitors, particularly the individuals occupying the top floor of the hotel tower directly beneath the established nesting areas of both pigeons and buzzards.  Equipped with the knowledge and experience to understand that different species and conditions require multiple solution strategies, Everclear used a combination of five different products – birds spikes, bird wire, bird slide, stealth net, and shock track – to address multiple perching and nesting areas throughout the property, determining the best product for each area based on effectiveness, aesthetics, and associated costs.

Service: Bird Abatement