Curtain Wall Waterproofing

The sealant in all of the perimeter joints throughout this building’s curtain wall system was well beyond its service life.  In addition to allowing water to penetrate into the building’s occupied space, the breakdown of the sealant was contributing to the failure of the coating on many of the spandrel units in the window system.  Everclear removed all of the sealant from the glass-to-metal and metal-to-metal joints throughout the curtain wall system and installed new silicone sealant in the same areas.  While the majority of the façade was accessed using a powered platform (suspended scaffold), there were areas that were only accessible through the use of rope descent systems.  At the conclusion of the job we cleaned the exterior of the windows to remove any residue from the project.

Services: Caulking & Joint SealantsGlazed Curtain Wall / Storefront RemediationWet GlazingWindow Cleaning Services

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