Rooftop Anchorages & Building Envelope Restoration

Initially engaged to perform a façade restoration project on a six-story office building in Alpharetta, we noticed that the existing tie-backs on the structure’s roof did not appear to be adequate.  Everclear Enterprises assisted our client by load testing the roof anchors and providing a report from a licensed structural engineer as to the condition of the tie-backs.  As the majority of the roof anchors were not acceptable for use as part of a fall arrest system, Everclear identified existing structure on the roof that could be load tested and certified as acceptable for use as tie-backs so as to minimize the amount of equipment and number of roof penetrations necessary to deliver a safe and compliant layout to the building owner.  At the conclusion of the installation and testing of the tie-offs, Everclear successfully provided the following scopes as part of the façade restoration project:  removal of mineral deposits from windows, frames, and mullions, cleaning of the building, the application of a water repellent to the vertical substrate, the application of a protective coating on the windows and frames, and the removal and replacement of sealant in the vertical control joints.

Services: Caulking & Joint SealantsExterior Façade / Plaza / Parking Structure CleaningGlass Restoration / Deposit RemovalRoof Anchorage SystemsWater RepellentsWindow Frame / Mullion Cleaning & Protection