Parking Structure Restoration / Vehicular Coating System

The traffic coating on the top level of the parking structured was failing, causing water intrusion into tenant space and parking areas below and creating potentially dangerous structural issues on the underside of the deck. Everclear’s solution for the underside issues included raising 50 double tee members, installing caprilon wear pads and steel members, and making overhead structural concrete repairs. On the top level of the deck, we removed all failing coating, primed, applied a mid coat with sand aggregate then a top coat, all in three phases to minimize impact to tenant retail operations. Finally, we restriped the deck (approx 75,000 sf).

Services: Caulking & Joint SealantsEpoxy InjectionParking Structure RehabilitationSealcoating & StripingSpall Repair / PatchingVehicular & Pedestrian Traffic Coatings

Underside RepairsUnderside Repairs 2Underside-Repairs-3Installing Base Coat copySand CoatInstalling Top Coat