Parking Deck Restoration

The parking deck had a number of deficiencies resulting from deferred maintenance.  The failing expansion joints and improperly set drains were allowing water to leak throughout all levels of the parking deck.  There were numerous through-slab cracks, exposed reinforcing bars, and concrete spalls on every level of the deck.  The slabs and landings on the three exposed stairwells had cracks throughout, and the sheet metal gutter system was corroded.  Everclear’s solution included the replacement of all horizontal expansion joints in the parking structure, the routing and sealing of all horizontal cracks, the injection of epoxy resin, the removal and patching of loose concrete.  Additionally, we repaired the exposed reinforcing bars, relocated drains, applied a water repellent to the exposed stairwells, and replaced the failed gutter system with a flexible fabric-reinforced neoprene gutter system.

Services: Concrete / Crack Repair & SealingEpoxy InjectionExpansion Joint SystemsSpall Repair / PatchingWater Repellents

Installing Expansion JointGutter BeforeGutter AfterStair Patch BeforeAction Shot Concrete Repair

Stair Patch After