Building Façade & Parking Structure Restoration

The numerous issues relating to this building and the 3-level parking deck below it included dirty precast building panels with failed water repellent as well as an extremely dirty parking façade that hid spalling concrete, walls that held water, badly corroded guardrails, failing expansion joints, and significant settling at the threshold of the two parking deck entrances. Everclear tackled this project by pressure cleaning the building’s façade and the perimeter of the parking deck, then applying water repellent to the building’s panels and elastomeric coating to the parking deck’s concrete bands. Inside the parking deck, we removed all concrete, installed new bedding, and re-poured new high-strength concrete at the two entrances; installed trench drains throughout top level and plumbed them into existing draining system; removed corrosion from all guardrails, protected them with a rust prohibitive primer, then coated with DTM paint; and we replaced the failed expansion joints on a lower level of the deck.

Services: Parking Structure CleaningPlaza Deck WaterproofingWater Repellents

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