Penthouse Restoration / Fountain & Planter Restoration

The badly deteriorating coating on the penthouse mechanical rooms on these buildings was allowing water to enter through the porous block walls.  Adhesive failure of the sealant in the joints in the EIFS facade at the base of both buildings was allowing significant water intrusion into occupied office space and the parking deck.  Planters and adjacent fountains in the shared plaza were also leaking water into the tenant space and parking deck.  The solution: Everclear removed the existing coating, replaced the sealant in the joints throughout the block wall, and installed an elastomeric coating on the penthouse mechanical rooms on both buildings.  After making all necessary repairs to the EIFS portions of each elevation, we primed and coated the EIFS facade with an elastomeric coating.  We removed plants, dirt, protection board, drainage mat, and failed waterproofing from the plaza planters and installed a new liquid urethane waterproofing membrane.  Additionally, we removed the deficient waterproofing from the fountains and installed a new epoxy modified urethane waterproofing membrane.

Services: Caulking & Joint SealantsElastomeric CoatingsFountain / Water Feature WaterproofingHot & Cold Fluid Applied MembranesStucco & EIFS Repair

Planter-Fountain BeforePlanter-Fountain EmptyPlanter-Fountain AfterBullnose Mid-RepairBullnose After RepairPenthouse Before CoatingPenthouse Mid-CoatingPenthouse After Coating