Plaza Deck Restoration

With much of the plaza surrounding the building situated directly over the parking structure, a significant amount of water was entering the parking deck as well as some finished office space from the plaza above. Also, there were a number of horizontal and vertical joints with failed sealant and the waterproofing membrane in several of the plaza’s planters was compromised. Everclear’s solution included replacing the expansion joints that ran the length of the plaza and cutting out and replacing all horizontal joints with urethane and silicone sealant. Also, we cleaned out the planters attached to the blinding and installed a new liquid urethane membrane. Out in the plaza, we repaired spalled concrete, cleaned all horizontal concrete and pavers and applied a water repellent. In addition, we used a sand joint stabilizer between the pavers to minimize water intrusion.

Services: Caulking & Joint SealantsExpansion Joint SystemsExterior Façade / Plaza / Parking Structure CleaningHot & Cold Fluid Applied MembranesParking Structure CleaningPlaza Deck WaterproofingSpall Repair / PatchingWater Repellents

Concrete Patch

Expansion Joint InstallationHorizontal Concrete Caulking

Paver Sealing thumbPlanter Before Waterproofing
Planter After Waterproofing
Planter Caulking